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Mapping the Road to Success: Portsmouth Gets Together for Another Great GPS


Supporters from around Portsmouth came together to share their feedback and plans for the campaign.

When people who have been fighting for Democratic causes for decades and brand-new volunteers get in a room together and ask, “How can we help?” you know this campaign is off to a great start. On 7/7 at 7 (coincidence, I swear), Portsmouth had its first Grassroots Planning Session of the summer. We talked about the things that make this election so important and what we can all do for Obama 2012 right here in Portsmouth.

Like the people driving this campaign all over the nation, the Portsmouth volunteers lead busy lives, but the fact that ordinary people make the time to fight for what they believe in is truly amazing. And it is what is going to win this campaign. Our volunteers empower their neighbors to own their democracy and take responsibility for its future.


Regional Field Director Jeff and Summer Organizer Julie help facilitate discussion

When we were done talking, Summer Organizers Will D, Julie B, and I passed out signup sheets for people to host or attend events. The response was great, and we are filling our calendar with community service events, phone banks, and house meetings that will help build the biggest grassroots campaign this country has ever seen.

Check out our events page and make time to help build this campaign from the beginning in Portsmouth and all across New Hampshire. And be sure to like us on Facebook for more updates.

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