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Mapping the Road to Success: Manchester Holds First GPS of the Summer

Manchester GPS_SAN0051

Thank you to Teresa, Michael, and Christina K., for opening their doors to all of the supporters who turned out for Manchester’s first Grassroots Planning Session of the Summer.

Optimistic. Energized. Pumped. These are just some of the words supporters used to describe their feelings after Manchester’s first Grassroots Planning Session of the summer, which drew out roughly 20 area supporters. The Affordable Care Act, the Recovery Act, tax cuts for small business, and consumer protections for borrowers were just some of the many reasons supporters had for getting involved in the Obama 2012 campaign.

Christina_Im In_0067

Christina K. is supporting President Obama because of his “commitment to the average person” and for his work to develop education opportunities for all Americans. When President Obama announced his 2012 campaign, Christina, a political science major at American University, was finishing her freshman year.

“I went on Facebook just after he announced and I kept seeing my friends’ status updates that said, “I’m in!” It was so inspiring to see so many other people who support President Obama.”

Their reasons for supporting the President are numerous, but there’s one thing that rings true for all present: President Obama deserves another four more years. Sandra G. came out to discuss some of the issues facing the campaign in the 2012 election and says she wants to spend some time talking with fellow volunteers about all the good work that President Obama has done.

Sandra_I'm In_058
“I’m in to thank President Obama for keeping his promise to make health care a priority in his presidency.”

The evening was the first chance many of the attendees had to speak with a large group of like-minded supporters and most said the experience not only galvanized the support they already felt, but also that it made them more likely to be directly involved with the campaign. In fact, after the event, three different supporters agreed to hold planning sessions in their neighborhoods.

We can’t win this election alone. Join us and many other supporters by signing up to host or attend an event in your area

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