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During the recent celebration of the OFA-Missouri State Headquarters opening, I had the fortune to bump into three supporters chatting in the back corner of the office. Lorna, Marva and Marian had just met that evening, yet you wouldn’t know it from watching them. They were so animated and engaged in conversation; I thought they were old friends from the 2008 campaign catching up with each other.

These new friends each had a different reason for supporting the President and for attending this celebration to show that support. Like so many people who have joined this movement, their shared passions brought them together.

Marian W.

“I am here tonight to voice my choice for our Commander and Chief Barack Obama for President of the United States in 2012. He is the one who has the ‘intestinal fortitude’ to tackle the problems that we have. Rock On, Mr. President!”

Marva R.

“I’m an OFA-Missouri volunteer grassroots organizer with Team University City. We’re working hard to help Democrats win Missouri in the 2012 elections. I support President Obama because I believe that he understands the needs of all economic, racial, ethnic, and social groups. I am particularly excited about his focus on the middle class. As someone who became unemployed about one year ago, I love his Jobs for America Bill, and his Affordable Care Act. It has been difficult for me to find health care coverage outside of work due to pre-existing conditions.

Another reason I am here celebrating my support for President Obama tonight is to honor my mother. She was an ardent supporter of Barack during the 2008 campaign. Unfortunately, she passed away at the age of 88 before she got the chance to vote for him. She would be thrilled to support him again in 2012. So, I work to re-elect the President for both of us.”

Lorna V.

“I’m a supporter of President Obama because he is the type of leader who can change the world. His time has come and it has come at a time where change is imminent from one end of the globe to the other. We need someone in office that has the sense of balance, the sense of family, and the sense of commitment to each individual that President Obama has shown during his first term in office. He has show that he has the type of leadership we need for the next four years. I believe that President Obama symbolizes the equality that Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke of over 40 years ago. So, Yes We Can change the world.”

That’s the way it is with OFA’s grassroots organizers. The reasons are many, but the bonding is instant and the friendships run deep. Our commonalities outweigh all perceived differences as we unite with purpose for the common good, for the common goal: to turn Missouri blue in November 2012.

Become an OFA grassroots organizer.

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