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Story #41: "I can see Manchester rebuilding itself, we've turned a corner and it’s looking brighter"


Kevin has lived in Manchester for 15 years and plays a pivotal role in his community. Kevin and some friends throw a block party every year to bring everyone together, to meet new faces and, of course, to have a great time. We actually met Kevin at a party, but this one was a Block Party in Manchester hosted by Latinos for Obama a couple weekends ago.

Kevin was there helping out and though he hadn’t really connected with the campaign before, he liked what he saw and wanted to play his part:

“This community means everything to me, it's home to my children and is the birthplace of my grandchildren. We look to each other for support and guidance; it’s just how things work here. When the financial crisis hit, it hit us hard. Friends lost jobs and families struggled, but we got through it the way close knit communities do and I am now seeing real signs of recovery. I can literally see Manchester rebuilding itself, it’s not a quick job, I know that. I see the investment in infrastructure and I’m witnessing first-hand, friends and family who are now able to find work. We are turning a corner and it’s definitely looking a lot brighter.”

“I will be dedicating my free time to this campaign because it’s just too important not to. President Obama understands who we are and has felt the struggles we feel. Mitt Romney hasn’t lived my life. That’s no criticism of him. He grew up with wealth that he didn’t ask for, but he just doesn’t know me. What concerns me most is that he is making no attempt to try to understand me and my community. The President is on my side. He has my back and I definitely have his."

If you’ve got Barack Obama’s back then commit to vote right now.

Commit to Vote

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