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Malvern/Paoli Team is IN

Last week the Malvern/Paoli team gathered at the home of one of our team members for our second “I’m IN” meeting. Our team is made up of volunteers with all types of political experience. There are seasoned campaigned volunteers from the Chester County 2008 Obama campaign team, those who are new to our area, and even some who have never volunteered before for a political campaign.

While our team is new, I think it is clear that because we are currently taking the time to organize ourselves, we will be effective over the course of the 2012 campaign. For example, at each of our meetings, we start with sharing a topic of concern to the group. This allows us to foster a sense of community and get to know each other better. I learn new points of view about specific issues team members are passionate about. And while we take time for open discussion, our group members also make sure to keep us on task so we are able to accomplish the items on our agenda.

At the meeting we also set our next steps of action. We plan to hold a phone bank this week and also set a June meeting where we will brainstorm and strategize on ideas to reach out to our community. One goal of our group is to reach out to more young people so that we can have a cross section of ages on our team. For our next meeting, everyone in attendance also committed to bring at least one other person.

Our team represents a broad range of educational, work, and family experience. I am excited to work with them as we organize ourselves to victory in 2012.

What are some ways your team fosters a sense of community?

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