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Malcolm on volunteering: “It’s my way of connecting”

“While I had devoted much of my life working in public service, it was not until disaster struck my family that I became politically active. In 2011, my life was forever changed when my father, Jack, was diagnosed with lung cancer. My father had never smoked, and lived a healthy lifestyle, but, being a musician, he did not have health insurance. I had never realized how much not having health insurance inhibits you when you need care; even if you did nothing to create your condition, and even when you want to pay for it yourself. It was then that I realized why President Obama had fought so hard to pass the Affordable Care Act. I realized that in a difficult time, it was the right thing to do: It helped so many Americans, including my family.

“My father passed away in March 2011. He left a legacy of incredible music and political activism. His last few months were made better because of the direct efforts of the President, and it is comforting to know that because of Obamacare, other families will not have to experience the hardship and struggles that we did.

“I support the President not only because of what he has done, but, because of what he energizes others to do. I know America is hurting, I can see it every day. That’s why I’m volunteering with the campaign. It’s my way of connecting. By organizing in our neighborhoods and sharing our stories, we can work together to make America a better place for all.”

Malcolm, Missouri

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