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Making the case for action

To kick off OFA August, volunteers across the country got together to spread the word about need for comprehensive immigration reform. Here are some highlights:

Tucson, Arizona—Volunteers gathered in Tucson, Arizona, to talk about the reasons we need action on comprehensive immigration reform, and why the cost of inaction is real.

Marin, California—The Marin County chapter of OFA-California came together to get the facts and to help spread the word about the positive effects reform will have on their community.

Palatine, Illinois—Volunteers spent the afternoon in an immigration discussion with the Palatine community.

Bronx, New York—OFA-NY summer fellows helped train supporters and raise awareness about the need for a comprehensive solution to our broken immigration system.

See more highlights from around the country:

These volunteers are on the front lines in this fight. Add your name to take a stand for comprehensive immigration reform wherever you live.

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