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Making the Calls that Make a Difference

Silver Lake team phonebank

Last week, Obama for America announced that the fundraising gap between Mitt Romney and President Obama is growing substantially. Although the gap is increasing, it’s clear that the President has something Mitt Romney doesn’t—supporters that are incredibly energized and committed to protecting the progress that has been made.President Obama received donations from an impressive 706,000 supporters, a quarter of which were first time donors.

Supporters of the President are special because they give more than money; they donate their time.

There are thousands of neighborhood teams organizing in communities across the country. Each neighborhood team meets on a regular basis to recruit new volunteers, make calls to voters and organize for future events. OFA phone banks are the foundation of our grassroots movement; they are our answer to unlimited corporate fundraising.

One of those phenomenal neighborhood teams is based in Silver Lake. The Silver Lake team is a well-oiled organizing machine, hosting weekly phone banks that contact the voters who will decide this election. The team is comprised of a lively group of people: an ESL teacher, a writer, a student, and a retiree. Like every neighborhood team across the country, the volunteers in Silver Lake are dedicated to moving America forward and committed to donating their time for the President.

Thanks to the hard work of our volunteers, we have the power to win this election. Log in to Dashboard today to find an active neighborhood team in your area, or make a grassroots donation of your own today.

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