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Making it in America: Tim's story

Immigrants are often at the forefront of American innovation. They've started some of our most successful companies and employed millions of American workers. But our broken immigration system is still a looming obstacle for many of them.

British-born tech executive Tim Cadogan is the exception to the rule. His remarkable story is one example of what can happen if we embrace foreign entrepreneurs who want to bring big ideas to our shores.

After attending Stanford University, Tim secured a visa, then a green card, and quickly rose up the tech company ladder until he was named C.E.O. and the first U.S.-based employee of OpenX, a digital advertising company. He moved the company from the UK to California, where it began to grow.

In 2012, Tim became a United States citizen and OpenX hired its 250th employee while generating more than $100 million in revenue. Today, OpenX is ranked number seven on Forbes' list of America's Most Promising Companies.

There are thousands of potential entrepreneurs out there—but without smart, comprehensive immigration reform that streamlines our visa process, too many aspiring foreign entrepreneurs will be barred from bringing innovation and jobs to our country.

Improving our legal immigration process is a must for immigration reform so American businesses can hire the best and brightest.

Make your voice heard today. Say you're in and join us in the fight to fix our broken immigration system.

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