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“Making college more accessible for everyone”

“The number one reason I support President Obama is his commitment to making college more accessible for everyone,” says Ali, a 21-year-old student from Orlando, Florida.

At the time Ali graduated high school, his family was struggling to afford the mortgage payments to keep their home. Eventually he was living on his own, working long hours to support himself while keeping up with classes. When Ali found out that he qualified for the federal Pell Grant program, he knew it was exactly the leg up he needed to keep going.

“My concern was my education. I had worked hard to get into the University of Central Florida, and I didn’t want to quit. What I’ve learned in school has been mind-blowing and eye-opening. I would be less of who I am without learning these things—it’s shaped me.”

Because of the Pell Grant program, Ali is able to keep working part time and still take classes at UCF. When he finishes school, Ali hopes to use his degree in political science and sociology to work for a nonprofit in his home state.

“All I want to be able to do is give back to the central Florida community. I’ve grown up here all my life, these are the people I want to be helping at the end of the day.”

President Obama has doubled funding for the federal Pell Grant program, and this morning in Virginia he again called on Congress to prevent student loan interest rates from doubling, so more people can have a fair shot at a higher education. Add your name to stand with him.

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