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Making a Difference in Harford County!

A group of summer organizers, along with some of our best – and youngest – volunteers headed out to Harford County early yesterday morning to register and empower voters. Summer Organizer Michael C. explains how the day went.

Road trips are always an adventure, and this Thursday was no different. Our summer organizers and volunteers went to Harford county to register voters. Meeting up in Wheaton early that morning, we divided our group into the cars and set out. Our group had a wonderful time on the way up bonding with one another.

Upon arriving, we met up with some of our supporters in Harford and were sent out to various locations around Aberdeen to empower new voters. Our volunteers were broken into teams of three and spread out to register new voters and recruit supporters for the President's campaign. We spent the better part of the lunch hour asking people for their commitment to their civic duty and to our campaign.


The day went really well. We found people were extremely excited about our campaign and about the upcoming election. We had a great time connecting with supporters, and we registered many new voters in the area. We were all hot and tired on the ride home, but we all felt like we had accomplished something real and tangible.

If you'd like to join Michael and the rest of our team, be sure to give us a call at 240 242 5750 or leave us a post on our Facebook page!
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