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"Make It Count" - Enhanced Lyrics

A few weeks ago, we released a pretty cool jam, "Make it Count" that a few of our grassroots organizers put together. The song has a lot to say about President Obama and why he needs another four years, check the lyrics out for yourself and listen to it at the same time.

This isn't for the cold-blooded,
this is for those of my students chasin' they sons, with they nose runnin’.
This is putting food on the table with no budget.
Part-time workweeks and your close comfort.
This is for you, and who’s
making something outta nothin' with their stews and soups.
My boys buyin' their kids kicks, losin' loot,
forgetting debt when watching 'em move and hoop.
So even if I’m feeling down, I’m a stay responsible
Make sure my friends remember everything they gotta do
Think about what another term could do for us.
Obama twenty twelve, this is how we move FORWARD.

-Adam L.


Live from Wisconsin, with hope on our sleeves
One vote, one voice, your American dream
One vote, one voice, One love (one love)
Gotta make it count

Gotta talk a lot rap a lot
do a lot to win y’all,
Cannot be a spectator,
must be involved.
I do my thang, on this campaign
November’s near, so I-I volunteer.
Knockin’ doors, leaving packets
at your crib if you ain’t home y’all.
Find me on your voicemail talking, making phone calls,
And we’ve been out spent, since the out set,
But when it comes to my president
ain’t a doubt yet.
The name is U-nited by the cause,
Bringing buddies back who been fighting all the wars.
So while these rappers make up words
I hit ‘em wit a swerve,
That means you ain’t gotta be straight
or silent to serve.
And as a college student yeah
tuition is absurd,
So Obama doubled Pell Grants
all I gotta do I learn.
Word, but first gotta register to cast votes
Crash knows Obama for re-election
The rap goes on-

-Matthew N.


November never was a time for normalcy,
Normally, I be unaware on how disorderly,
The 50-star status became,

Tryna leave the liberties of human beings rearranged.
How insane, I’m 18,

First ballot box vote cast imminent,

Tryna keep Obama on the Pennsylvania premises.
Don’t stand back as some witnesses,
Register to vote, get your friends, get some pickets,

spread the images.
Change and Progression

Tell me who the realest is,

30 month job growth,
tax cuts for businesses.

Pell Grants doubled up,
Broken school systems, we gonna reconstruct, and toughen up,
Lilly Ledbetter, ladies paid no undercuts,

Affordable Care for everyone everywhere,
and yet you really think his run is up?
Month 11, day 6, we got Barack’s back, get the facts.

-Michael P.

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