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Make a Difference in Your Community: Join Us Saturday for a Day of Action

This Saturday, Oct. 15, we're hosting a Day of Action across the state to engage voters and talk about President Obama's efforts to strengthen the middle class and put Americans back to work.

Volunteers will be collecting pledge cards, phone banking, tabling at local events, and registering new voters to start a conversation about the 2012 election in your community, empowering voters to be heard on Election Day.

Come learn about part of the President's plan to grow our economy - The American Jobs Act. The purpose of the plan is simple: to put more money in the pockets of American families and get people back to work. In South Carolina, a typical household would receive a tax cut of about $1,270, and 80,000 businesses would receive a payroll tax cut.

One volunteer at a time, we are working to build the biggest grassroots organization politics has ever seen. Since our last Day of Action, our volunteer organization is growing as we bring in new supporters and expand neighborhood teams throughout South Carolina.

America works best when we work together.

Check out what's happening this Saturday in your community, and sign up to join us here.

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