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"Made in America"

President Obama visited Iowa yesterday to tour the Alcoa Davenport Works, an aluminum company whose products are used in almost every airplane in the world—including Air Force One. The company has gone through some ups and downs during its 125-year history: it was hit hard by the recession in 2008 but has since been re-hiring workers who were laid off and is looking to expand production again.

Speaking about the importance of manufacturing to the American economy, the President told workers at the factory:

[A] big part of our future has to be a robust and growing manufacturing sector. We’ve got to make things right here in America. We’ve always made things here in America. It’s in our blood. This plant has been in operation for 60 years. And what you’ve learned is that if you want to beat the competition, then you’ve got to innovate. You’ve got to invest in new skills, you’ve got to invest in new processes, you’ve got to invest in new products… That’s what made you guys competitive—having the best workers, but also having the best equipment. You had to up your game. And that’s what we’ve got to do as a country as a whole. I want the cars and planes and wind turbines of the future to bear the proud stamp that says "Made in America." That’s what I want.

To help strengthen the economy and create jobs, the President announced the American Manufacturing Partnership last week—a new working group of government and leading private sector companies, academics, and experts with a mission to bring about a renaissance of American manufacturing. This followed the launch of a range of new initiatives and resources earlier this month to help Americans looking for work get the training they need—and help employers find the highly-skilled workers they want to hire.

You can find out more about the President’s plans to create jobs and support the American manufacturing industry here.

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