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Louisiana Ladies Launch "Women for Obama 2012"

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It took much preparation and organizing for women throughout the state of Louisiana to host and be a part of the Louisiana Statewide Launch of Women for Obama 2012 events where our First Lady Michelle Obama delivered a very powerful message via a national conference call."

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Here is what some of the Women for Obama in Louisiana had to say:--

"It went very well; some ladies signed up for various things to do; they want to form a team." --Mary, O. Shreveport, La.

"The Saint Martinville Louisiana's "Mamas for Obama" House Meeting went very well. We are in the process of forming teams within our group. We will begin scheduling our monthly meetings before the end of this week. We listened to the First Lady, and we talked about voter registration challenges. Our group enjoyed crawfish fettuccini, fruit salad, garlic bread, and our Obama cake! Thank you so much for the Host kit!"--Lisa G., St. Martinville, La.

"Many attendees said, "we found our voices through the First Lady,"-- Dr. Joyce TK Baton Rouge, La.

"Our event was advertised to start one hour prior to the call with the First Lady and I arrived 30 minutes prior to that time to set up. When I arrived to open up with pizza boxes in hand, 2 people were already there. At the start time of our event, we had a packed house at the Louisiana Democratic Party Headquarters!" --Harriet J., Baton Rouge, La.

"Who do I forward the names of my attendees? With all the excitement of the event tonight I am trying to remember where to find that email." --Josulyn W., New Orleans, La.

"I am proud to volunteer to help the President change America for my children!" --Attendee from Dr. Joyce TK event in Baton Rouge, La.

"In my "neck of the woods," most people of faith go to prayer meeting on Wednesday night. In addition, most of the churches were having "Ash Wednesday Services." But,the ladies who came were "fired up and ready" to help in any they can to help get President Obama re-elected. I had prepared folders for each attendee, so each participant took home a ton of information so that they can copy and share and also use the material when they host a meeting (which I strongly encouraged them to do). Thank you for your guidance and help, which made my hosting job extremely easy. We had great time! --Princess P., Bastrop, La.

"I We met, listened to Mrs. Obama and decided to host another party on in two weeks. Things went well and we enjoyed Mrs. Obama!!! We are excited!!!!!" -- Patricia W., Leesville, La.

“It was a very busy day at the OFA-LA headquarters but we took a break to meet with a group of new and enthusiastic group of ladies who are ready, willing and able to help re-elect President Obama. The First Lady fired us up to continue to do what we are doing and to get more people involved with the campaign. Let's get to work!! " Melissa N., New Orleans, La.

"It was so inspiring to hear First Lady Michelle on the telephone and everyone was impressed that she took the time to make us feel special. Again, I cannot express well enough the enthusiasm and energy seen and felt at the meeting, so our only hope is to show you and the Obama 2012 team our commitment in the coming weeks and months ahead. We will be meeting again in three weeks." --Sheryl L., Ponchatoula, La.

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There are many opportunities to join a Women for Obama team or start one yourself: Click here to join Women for Obama

Hosting an event in your community is a great way to get your friends and neighbors involved with the campaign! Click here to host an event

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