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"Losing our seat at the table will only damage the progress we've made under the President"

Last week, we spent a day touring the state with a passionate group of educators who wanted to show their support for the President. All in all, we spent about 7 hours on a school bus together, talking about the future of education. We want to know why educators all across New Hampshire support the President, and this was a fantastic opportunity to do just that.

Rhetta has seen first-hand just how the President’s programs have benefited her school:

"To me, education is about inspiring our students, engaging their parents and ensuring our local community is at the heart of everything we do. For a school to succeed, everyone must have a stake in it. Through the President’s education programs we have been able to deepen our links with the local community, offering work placements for our children for example."

Our teachers are our education experts, they are the front line and they see the impacts that an administrative decision can have on the success of a student. Zach knows how important it is to be heard:

“I’m here because the President has really listened to us on where we see education going, what needs to change, and how that change needs to happen. I get a sinking feeling when I think of a government led by Mitt Romney. We know already that Romney openly chooses to ignore educators, he has done it before, and what scares me most, is that he will do it again. Losing our seat at the table will only damage the progress we've made under the President.

If you are an educator and want to show your support for the President, we'd love to hear you're story. Share it here.

I'm an educator for Obama

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