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Lorraine S. Knows That Commitment is the Key to Winning the Future!

Detroit — Many people have stepped up to the plate bound and determined to make sure that they do their part to seeing that President Obama is re-elected to office in 2012. As President Obama said when he announced the 2012 campaign, this movement starts with us.

In Michigan, this movement starts with people like new grassroots leader Lorraine S. She can be found assisting with many efforts at the Metro D Office to include helping with tables at the events, reaching out to young adults in her community, helping to set up team meeting and events, and more!

Lorraine has even taken it one step further and is working to bring together other supporters and grassroots activists in her neighborhood as a neighborhood team. These teams will be critical to engaging people in Lorraine’s community and getting more people to be IN for Obama 2012.

Even as she works to build her own team, she has committed to being in the office every Monday and Friday and any day that she is needed. Thanks Lorraine! We are so lucky to have you as part of our team!

Live in Detroit? Want to work with Lorraine or be part of her team? Drop us a line at [email protected] or click here to see if there is a team in your community.

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