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Longest serving OFA Arizona volunteer meets President Obama during Chandler visit

The opportunity to work with President Obama’s grassroots campaign Organizing for America is rewarding in and of itself. Sometimes though, special days happen. Let me tell you about yesterday.

We have worked especially hard in Southern Arizona to help make our state competitive this election year. Our hard work brought a cool reward this week when we got to see President Obama up close at his speech in Chandler.

Quincie Douglas Canvass

I was blessed to have the chance to meet President Obama for a moment at the event. I was so excited! I took this opportunity to thank him for all he's done and is willing to do for our country—I truly appreciate him. He smiled that wonderful smile and put his arm around my shoulder as someone snapped our picture. President Obama shook my hand again and said, “Thank you for all you are doing!” He is such a genuine and caring person.

We are fired up to do more and ensure Arizonans support President Obama! Join us for our Day of Action this Saturday!

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