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"Loans covered what I didn't have."

“We can’t price the middle class out of a college education. We can’t do it.” -President Obama

President Obama talks a lot about all Americans having a fair shot when it comes to achieving the American dream. Just ask me: I know what it’s like to work hard and receive help when I needed it for my education.

Times weren't easy growing up, but my mother made the best of them. She was a single mother who balanced a job and nursing school to give my two brothers and I the chance at a successful life. When she completed her education she was able to secure a steady job that would support us - and save up money for our future college tuition. Still, I realized what money she saved for me might not be enough, and through high school I worked as the manager at a local McDonald’s.

I started my college education at Oakland Community College - and when I turned 20, I transferred to Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo. Even with the money I had saved prior to college and the money I was earning from my side job - I realized that it would only cover me through the first semester of my junior year. After that, I was on my own - and that’s why I applied for, and eventually received Stafford Loans to fill that gap.

I’m now set to graduate this spring with a BA in Political Science. On top of school and work, I’ve interned with Organizing for America right here in Kalamazoo - registering voters and educating people on the President’s accomplishments. I hope to continue working on this campaign through the fall, and making a career out of organizing communities.

Middle class Americans can’t afford to see interest rates rise on their student loans. That’s why I’m encouraging other students to speak up and ask Congress not to double rates on their student loans.

Check out our interactive map to see the average impact per student borrower in Michigan and other states if Congress doesn't act by July 1st, and then join the conversation on Twitter with the #DontDoubleMyRate hashtag.

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