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Livonia Comes Out in Big Numbers to Celebrate the President's 50th

Folks from all over Livonia came together last night to get involved and organize in honor of the President's 50th Birthday. More than thirty supporters packed into the Jenkins Room at the Livonia Civic Library, and every single one was fired up and ready to go!

Livonia 2

Watching the President address us was a powerful experience for all who came to the house meeting, and a clear reminder that there is a lot more work left to do and we really do need to be starting now!


Alador G. of Livonia was there to celebrate the Affordable Care Act "Our President is a thinker,” he said. “He's very intelligent and is doing a great job. The best president in years." Volunteers stayed after the President spoke and answered some questions about getting more involved. Many people also signed-up for our upcoming events

. Betty H. is especially excited to get plugged back in because, as she said, “The President stands for and represents all that I believe in. His [message] of hope for all Americans resonates with me and so many others."

The night ended with cheers and clapping as we watched the President take the stage in Chicago. It was a wonderful experience, and left everyone recharged and ready to get back into action! Livonia is definitely IN and making their move to keep this country on the right track in 2012. If you’re not IN yet you need to click here and take the first step.

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