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Listen Up: “I Will Put My Money on You”

Democratic voters showed up by the thousands to support President Obama at the Iowa caucus this Tuesday—but that’s only part of the story. Caucus-goers didn’t just stand up to be counted (although they did that, too)—they ran into friends, got to know their neighbors, nominated delegates, and even heard from the President himself.

Wondering what it takes to bring Obama supporters together all over Iowa? Here’s a look at what went on behind the scenes at one Cedar Rapids caucus location.

So—what did the President have to say to a roomful of Iowans? Check out the video here.

While the Iowa caucus may be over, volunteers and staff will be hard at work through November. Follow @OFA_IA on Twitter and stay in the loop with the state blog to find out why the President told Iowa volunteers:

"I will put my money on you. I find you a lot more persuasive than anybody on cable TV, and that’s why I know we’re going to win.”

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