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Linn County Women Kick Off Campaign with Quilting Bee

This weekend was a celebration of the work done by the outstanding Linn County Organizing For America volunteer teams. Community service and old-fashioned fun were the themes of a quilting bee held in Marion, Iowa on Sunday. Our event was at the Granger House Victorian Museum, and the ambience was complete with Victorian music in the background.

A roomful of women gathered in a “quilting circle” to work on a child-sized quilt to donate to a local family in need. The Dr. Seuss pattern was perfect for the young boy who will receive the gift. All of the Linn County Organizing forAmerica - Iowa teams have always been truly committed to local community service projects, and these women activists are no exception, as they’re all members of a local team.


Recently, the Linn County team members have been holding 1-on-1 meetings with local supporters and volunteers to talk about why they’re “in” and supporting President Obama and his 2012 campaign. Volunteers are also holding phone banks to invite folks to the upcoming May 23rd Grassroots Planning Session.

But Sunday was a different type of gathering from what these volunteers have been up to over the last few weeks. Several new volunteers were welcomed at the event. Gatherings such as this provide an opportunity for volunteers, both veteran and new alike, to get to know each other in a fun environment by actively contributing to their local community.

As this chapter in Organizing for America’s story continues to be written by all of us at the grassroots level working to support President Obama, we’re excited to see all of the growth and enthusiasm continue to progress in our local teams. The old-fashioned quilting bee was a huge success for the volunteers, the community and our organization here in Linn County!

Can you join us for our Linn County Grassroots Planning Session on May 23rd?
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