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Link Roundup—Summer Organizer Special

It’s the end of week one in the field for our summer organizers, and they’ve hit the ground running:

  • Christman, Joe, and Tara all got to speak to President Obama when he was the surprise guest on Wednesday's summer organizer conference call. As Christman tells it: “[The President] said, "Pick yourself up after a hard day, brush yourself off, and do it again with enthusiasm." Not bad advice from the Chief Organizer himself.”
  • We met new members of the 2011 class of summer organizers in Virginia, New York, Connecticut and Arizona, who are starting out their first week of organizing in their communities.
  • Summer organizers in Colorado, Nevada, and Missouri all took to Twitter to share why they've signed on to the program and share their news from the field.
  • And finally, we went behind the scenes of the summer organizer training in Iowa, Wisconsin and New Hampshire.
  • You can follow the adventures of the summer organizers on Twitter using the #SumOrg11 hashtag—and we’ll be keeping you up to date in more than 140 characters right here on the blog.

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