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Link Roundup—May 26th, 2011

  • A car rolls off the production line every minute at the GM plant in Lordstown, Ohio. CBS news takes a look at this remarkable recovery, speaking to autoworkers who were laid off 18 months ago and now have a job again.
  • Supporters in Detroit recruited new volunteers during the Annual Michigan Day Parade with a homemade "Vote 2012" float.
  • President Obama met with other world leaders for the start of the G8 conference in France today. Tomorrow’s agenda will focus on security and economic issues.
  • And finally, Michelle Obama met with a group of schoolgirls in England, telling them: “Success is not about the background you’re from. It’s about the confidence that you have and the effort you’re willing to invest.”
  • These were our favorite links from today—what were yours?

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