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Link Roundup—29th April, 2011

A big day in the news today—here’s the best of what we’re reading.

—The President and First Lady visited Alabama this morning, speaking to survivors of this week's tornadoes and to those leading rescue efforts. The New York Times has a gallery of photos that show the extent of the devastation. To help, visit

—The launch of the Endeavour space shuttle has been delayed for at least 48 hours while NASA engineers check the heating system.

West Wing Week takes a look at what the President has been up to, including announcing his new national security team and working on short- and long-term solutions to high gas prices.

—And in case you missed it yesterday, President Obama called on folks to get involved for 2012 in a new campaign video.

If you’re online over the weekend take a moment to share you’re favorite links in the comments below, and we’ll include one or two of the best in Monday’s roundup.

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