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Link Roundup — June 8th, 2011

  • “Organizing is the most precious thing you can learn.” Organizers heard from Dolores Huerta at the Summer Organizer Program training in Los Angeles this weekend.
  • Nancy-Ann DeParle, assistant to the President and deputy chief of staff, rejects a new report's claims that a significant number of companies will drop health coverage for their employees when provisions of the Affordable Care Act take effect in 2014. Writing on the White House blog, DeParle says: “This one discordant study should be taken with a grain of salt.”
  • First Lady Michelle Obama launched Let's Move: Child Care at a bilingual child care center in Washington D.C. this morning. The new initiative is designed to help kids get a healthy start in life.
  • And finally, take a look behind the scenes at the White House kitchen as they prepared for yesterday’s state dinner with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

What have you been reading today? Share your favorite links in the comments and we’ll be sure to take a look.

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