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Lining up to cast their ballots

March to the polls

From Colorado to North Carolina, supporters are lining up to cast their ballots. Find out why these folks voted, then make a plan to head to the polls.

“I voted today! President Obama has restored our hope in this great nation! I thank him for helping me to get the heart surgery that I have needed for the past 33 years. My heart abnormality is now cured, meaning no more doctor’s visits, medication, emergency room trips, or money. President Obama seems to be the only one who understands that a little bit of money right now will save millions in the long run! He did a great job last term and we can't wait to see what he can do this time around. Four more years!”
—Amy, Colorado

Casting ballots

“I voted in Columbus, Ohio, yesterday! I couldn't believe how quick and easy it was. I was one of the folks who waited in line for over six hours to cast my vote in 2004. I also took my son Aaron who is a first-time voter. No worries—he's an astute young man. President Obama has got his vote—not because it's the way I voted, but because he has faith in the President’s ability to move us forward!”
—Loyce, Ohio

“I’ve already voted for President Obama, and I know how important this election is. My daughter and I are strong supporters of the President and have faith that he will get this country back on track. I am so impressed with what he has done already.”
—Jane, North Carolina

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