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Linda: “We can make history together”

“President Obama inherited such a horrible mess and has somehow managed to steady the ship and turn it in the right direction in the face of unprecedented obstruction. He has done so much, and we have really moved forward. But we have to keep going.

“I’ve put three kids through college and it’s not easy. Mitt Romney doesn’t understand what my life is like—he knows nothing about people like me. President Obama does, as he is a man of true integrity and justice.

“I don’t just believe in the President, I also believe in the campaign he is running, because it’s about us. We can make history together—I want us to break that record for small donations and show Mitt Romney what politics should be about. We’ve made such great progress in the last three years and I’m not willing to see us turn back now.”

—Linda, a pastor from New Hampshire

Linda is one of the 2.7 million people who have chipped in to this campaign. Will you join her?

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