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Linda A and Melvin B are IN for Obama 2012 and Ready to Organize Farmington Hills

We’ve been building this campaign by having sit-down conversations with Michiganders to ask them to be IN and help us develop our grassroots strategy. We recently sat down with Linda A of Farmington Hills. Linda made very clear she is IN for Obama 2012.

Linda A

“I am in full support of President Obama because he has steered the nation clear of the [economic] devastation that was sure to hit. He needs another four years to make sure the nation is on the right track.”

Linda has always been engaged in the political world, she went knocking door-to-door in the inner city with the President’s 2008 campaign, in order to mobilize the youth and truly create change. Neighbor Melvin B. couldn’t wait to get involved with the campaign.


“President Obama is a reliable man, who can be counted on to better our nation!”

Linda and Melvin are in and want YOU to join too! It’s easy too. Click here to let Michigan know you’re in. Make sure that you’re IN on Facebook and Twitter as well.

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