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Americans speak out against Congress's inaction on immigration

The fight for comprehensive immigration reform isn't confined to Washington. It's real and it's personal, and local communities are footing the bill. From small businesses to consumers, schools and families, Congress's inaction costs all of us. Each day lawmakers refuse to act, our country loses another $37 million—and as of last week, they'd waved away more than $10 billion. That's thousands of jobs and millions of dollars from state to state that could be going to hardworking communities—including your community.

In these letters to the editor, writers talk about the benefits of immigration reform and how Congress's inaction is costing their constituents.

Organizers in California work together in the fight for comprehensive immigration reform.

"Federal immigration reform needed now"
Austin, Minnesota—"Our nation was built by people who came here in search of a better life," said community leaders who had a lot to say after a trip to Washington.

"Business helped by immigration reform"
Las Vegas, Nevada—Ron Nelsen, a Nevada small-business owner who decided to speak up for his community, said up front: "As a Nevada small business owner, I have watched as our immigration system has shackled our economic competitiveness...It doesn't have to be this way."

"Immigration reform essential"
Cincinnati, Ohio—"Without our newest immigrant neighbors, Price Hill would be struggling economically," said a writer from the Cincinnati neighborhood.

Think for a minute: What would be the costs to your community if Congress fails to act? If you are tired of watching the cost of inaction rise, speak out.
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