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Letter of the Week—September 19th, 2011

Dear President Obama,

I truly hope this letter reaches you. I am a strong supporter. I am a working mom of two teens: a 19-year-old who just entered college and a high school senior who will graduate in the spring and enter college next fall. My husband is a firefighter and I am a real estate agent. We are middle America.

We have been able to keep our home throughout this down economy, but we have cut back on everything. Real estate here in Ohio is slow but I found a niche selling pre-foreclosures and short sales and have been doing this for the past 5 years.

My kids and I have followed your career. As candidate Obama, you visited OSU hospital one day. As you were leaving you ran into two African American children who you took the time to say hello to and shook their hands. Those were my kids. We saw you each time you came back to Columbus, and my son Justin and daughter Jasmine have actually shaken your hand at least three times—it is something we all are very proud of.

I am writing you now to ask you to stay the course on this jobs bill. We need you to be strong and forceful and do what is needed to get this jobs bill through. I have committed donations and will continue to give what I can, but we need you to do all you can to help us the people out here who are worried and scared about not only our futures but the futures of our children.

My two children that you met are both deaf. They have cochlear implants and were implanted at age two. We have been blessed to have private insurance to help us throughout the years with their devices and the many upgrades and replacement equipment. They have been mainstreamed and are honor students. We have never taken a dime from anyone to care for our children, but we always thought that because of their disability they would be able to get some help in college. Because of budget cuts that is not possible for them.

My husband and I will continue to work to make sure they get what they need. Our children will complete college even if it means part-time jobs and loans. But we are lucky. There are people around us losing their homes and unemployed, and college for their kids is out of the question. We need this jobs bill. We need to get people back to work so that we can keep our promises to our kids and we can prepare for our next stage in life.

Thanks for your time and for all you do.


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