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Letter of the Week—November 14th, 2011

Mr. President,

I’ve never attempted to write to someone of your stature before and while I am sure you have many more important matters to attend to besides reading this letter, I wanted to take a moment out of my day and say how much I appreciate the things you are trying to do for this country. I’ll be honest and say outright that I did not vote for you in 2008, but I didn’t vote for anyone else that election either. I wasn’t confident that any of the candidates were qualified for the White House, but since you have taken office you’ve changed my mind.

In 2006 I graduated from college with highest honors, the economy was booming, and the future looked bright. When the economy collapsed a year later, I suddenly turned into what some writers have dubbed the lost generation: a twenty-something with six figures of college debt and little hope for a future resembling anything like the fabled American dream. I’m 27 and can’t even consider having kids, not to mention buying a home to raise them in on $30,000 a year. Some of your rivals would say that I only have myself to blame for this, but they don’t get the bigger picture. You do, and that’s why I’m going to vote for you in 2012.

Each of us can only do our best with the time we’re given, and in the last three years I think you’ve done a fabulous job directing the future of our nation against the many hurdles that stand in your way. Your plan for health care, ending the war in Iraq, and your attempts to return taxes to the pre-Bush era all give me hope that the kind of inequality suffered by my generation will not be felt by my niece, who is 4 years old. When I cast my vote for you next November, I will do so in the hope that she never has to worry about how she will pay the bills if she gets sick, or that she will be indebted for the rest of her life to get an education. It is my sincere hope that four more years will give you the time necessary to make even more changes for the betterment of our people.

One vote might not make a difference, but it could also be the snowflake that sets an avalanche rolling. Keep calling for higher taxes on millionaires; keep fighting for health care reforms; keep telling the American people that you are doing everything you can to ensure our future isn’t as bleak as it seems right now. We are listening, and every day there are more people like me who are willing to stand behind you come Election Day. I’ve never been the most eloquent person, so all I will say in conclusion is thank you for trying your best—you've made a believer out of me.


Renee, Delaware

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