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Letter of the week—May 14th, 2012

Dear Mr. President,

Back in 2008, I wasn’t old enough to vote yet—but I remember feeling such a great need to vote, because you turned my cynical view of America and politics into a more hopeful and productive one. You made me want to go to college, get educated, and make a difference in people’s lives.

Fast forward four years, with the side effects of the recession slowly beginning to heal, "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" repealed, and more focus being put on affordable college and health care. I couldn’t be more proud of you. I have every intention of supporting you and urging others to support you as well this November.

Right now, I’m just barely getting by, with college debt, rent, and living expenses eating up most of my income, but please know that I will donate what I can when I have it.

I think it’s so easy for people in this country to blame huge issues like a recession, or a war, or debt on just one person. Over the past four years, when people would push all of the blame on to your lap, I just couldn’t buy it—and that is the idea that I always try to instill in my friends when they express doubts or criticisms about you. Even in America, one single man cannot hold enough power to reverse an entire economy. It takes both sides, and it takes compromise and maturity.

On a personal note, your courage in publicly supporting same-sex marriage was just another affirmation to me that you are a true leader, a true Christian, and a human rights advocate. Your words will be viewed by generations of LGBT youths whose parents and communities do not accept them, and having your televised support and understanding will make such a difference in their lives. In your support for LGBT marriages, you are saving lives.

I remember being young and watching people openly voice anti-gay sentiments and pretending it didn’t bother me, when deep down, I felt completely trapped and terrified. With your words, with your courage, and with your true understanding, you’re not only being a great President and leader, you’re also a face and a voice to millions of scared and lonely kids who so desperately want someone to tell them that “I see you, I hear you, and you deserve kindness and equality.”

So thank you very much for being the first president to voice such a bold statement.

America needs you, and I have every intention of making sure you get re-elected this November.


James, Washington

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