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Letter of the week—March 19th, 2012

Dear President Obama,

I am a special education teacher working with the most challenging students in my school district. I spend my professional life fighting for my students and against the odds they face for failure. You are a part of our community and here is what I have to say to you and your family:

Thank you for your work around insuring millions of Americans.

Thank you for the payroll tax deduction—it does make a difference. Please keep fighting for all us middle-class Americans.

Thank Michelle for her hard work on the food pyramid, as it reflects how we should be working towards health and how we inspire our students to improve their health.

Thank you for demonstrating what American family values are really about—you and Michelle are role models in my mind.

Thank you for caring about women's health.

Thank you for taking a stand and saying that you represent most of America rather than the top 1 percent.

Thank you for keeping your lovely daughters in school and out of the limelight—it is what they deserve.

Thank you for participating in the basketball bracket—I always come in last in my pool and I know it is too late to learn from you this year.

Thank you for the last four years of hope, not fear and hate. This is the gift I would like to bestow on my child.

Lastly, you are most welcome to come to my house for dinner if you have the time.

—Jake, Oregon

P.S. Hug your kids, as kids grow up fast and deserve every bit of love you can give them.

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