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Letter of the week—June 4th, 2012

Dear President Obama,

Like you I was raised by a single mother in Hawaii. When I was little, I knew I was different. Growing up was hard—especially hiding who I truly was to avoid being beat up, bullied, or harassed.

In my senior year of high school, I confided in two of my best friends and my sister that I was gay. After my 20th birthday I decided to come out to my family, friends, and especially my mom. It was quite hard on her as she tried to instill Christian values into the both of us. It took her some time, but just like you, she quickly evolved and understood who I really was. Today, she defends my sister and I no matter what someone says about either of us, and stands up for equal rights. She knows who we love doesn't define us as human beings and shouldn't limit our success. All she cares about is our happiness, rights, and love. I am so honored to have a caring, compassionate, loving, and understanding mother. I can say the same for my President.

Mr. President, I'm so proud and thankful for what you have done for the LBGT community.

I can now feel safer with the Matthew Shepard hate crimes bill enacted. I know my friends can serve openly defending this country they love. LGBT children and teenagers know their President is on their side and that it will get better. And I know I won't be turned away to see my partner in the hospital if anything should happen. All of that is, in part, thanks to you.

When you stood up for marriage equality, you not only opened the floodgates to acceptance in this country and around the world, but were brave to stand up for what you believed in. That shows true character. There is still much more to be done, but I can trust in you—we will move forward.

You have created a great path for the LBGT community and this country. I promise to stand up for you, like you have stood up for me—time and time again.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you.


Wesley, Hawaii

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