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Letter of the week—July 16th, 2012

I was diagnosed with a rare form of childhood cancer when I was 4 years old, which required chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery to the right side of my face to save my life. I am now undergoing reconstructive surgery to repair the damage that was done by radiation treatment.

I am currently serving my country with Americorps VISTA, and my insurance does not cover pre-existing conditions. My family would not be able to afford this treatment without insurance. Because of Obamacare, I have been able to stay on my parents' insurance. If this important law is repealed, I will be in danger of losing my insurance in the middle of these reconstructive efforts.

My partner is a landscaper who works full time without benefits. When he gets sick, he cannot visit the doctor. He has no sick leave—when he misses a day due to illness, it is money from his pocket. Obamacare will enable him to have the health care he has been unable to afford for so long. It will enable him to access preventive care and increase the quality and longevity of his life.

It is for these reasons that Obamacare is so important to me and my family, neighbors, friends, and community members. Thank you for doing what is right.

—Jessica, Montana

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