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Letter of the Week—January 30th, 2012

Dear Mr. President,

I am a senior in high school and I just want to say that I found the State of the Union address to be extremely motivated and beautifully orated (as always). As a senior in high school, I have to decide where I want to go to college next year. But, as you are aware, college is extremely expensive and an increase in college loan interest rates would only make a college education unaffordable for many. So, thank you for supporting the lowering of college loan interest rates and for supporting federal and state financial aid for students. I would also like to thank you for supporting an increase in pay for teachers. Personally, I have had many teachers that have touched my life in unbelievable ways and it would be unfortunate for future generations to not have this opportunity. Thank you for keeping us students in mind and helping make education more affordable.


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