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Letter of the Week—January 2nd, 2012

Thank you. Thank you for letting me know that the last of our troops are out of Iraq and thank you to President Obama for keeping his word and getting our troops safely out of Iraq in a timely and responsible manner.

I am an Air Force wife—my husband deployed to Iraq for six months in 1995-1996. It changed him forever. He has deployed to Afghanistan and is currently deployed to Qatar. We chose this military life, to serve our country and to have a bigger purpose to our lives. We are so glad to have President Obama as our commander in chief, making thoughtful decisions, taking care of our troops and our families. And I am grateful for Mrs. Obama and Mrs. Biden and their campaign to help military families.

If someone does read this, please tell them all our family appreciates all they are doing and we will be supporting them in the next election.



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