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Letter of the Week—December 5th, 2011

Dear President Obama,

As a 20-year-old woman, I would like to thank you for standing up and protecting women. As this presidential election continues, I grow more afraid of what these Republicans want to do to women and our reproductive health. I can’t imagine the president's job being easy, but what I can truly thank you for is always backing up women’s health and access to birth control. It is so scary to see history repeat itself as Republicans and many anti-choice people try to shut down Planned Parenthood. They are putting their ideologies in the way for millions of women, and that is morally corrupt on so many grounds. I find it repulsive. They don’t realize their actions of wanting to eliminate abortion and restrict birth control would only further destroy our country economically and environmentally, not to mention the emotional pain it can cause a woman. I find it so sad that in 2011, they think they have the right to discuss women’s bodies as if they were public property.

I can honestly say thank you for standing up for women. I always use whatever I can to keep the fight going for women, but my voice can only go so far. Please don’t ever stop voicing your beliefs and standing up for women’s rights. Thank you for respecting that it is a woman’s choice. Thank you for doing your best to keep the government out of women’s uteruses. You have my vote.


Jessica H.

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