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Letter of the week—April 2nd, 2012

I am 22 years old and a senior at James Madison University. Two years ago, a good friend of mine was diagnosed with Ewing's sarcoma and had to undergo very aggressive chemotherapy and radiation in order to go into remission. He was 21 at the time of diagnosis, and his treatments lasted well through his 22nd year. When he finished treatments, it was March of 2010.

However, his health problems did not end then; even today he has a 30 percent ejection fraction—meaning that his heart only operates at 50 percent efficiency. This is a dramatic improvement from where he was in the summer of 2010, when he had an 11 percent ejection fraction and had to be hospitalized for a month. Obviously at that time, he was over the age of 22, not enrolled as a full-time student, and had serious pre-existing conditions. The Affordable Care Act allowed him to remain covered by his parents' insurance and keep his life.

As a friend, I couldn't be happier that the act was signed in time to help Chris. As a citizen, I hope that it will remain in place to help every other American who has to face such a difficult burden.

I am not in a financial position to make a donation but please know that you have my support.

—Lindsey, Virginia

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