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Letter of the week—April 23rd, 2012

I never imagined myself donating money to a political campaign before. But as a woman and soon-to-be primary care physician, I feel so strongly about the availability of women's health care services that it's worth pitching in. The idea of losing Planned Parenthood—which has provided nearly every woman I know with safe, confidential, counseling services and information—is truly appalling to me. It's worth my $35 to try to save a resource that has benefited millions, as well as preserve a culture in which health, safety, education, and rationality are more important than a moral code from a time when women were second-class citizens.

To help re-elect President Obama, women as well as health care professionals can afford this small donation. It is an investment in our future—and a tiny sum compared with what we have to lose if Mitt Romney becomes our president.

—Kiera, California

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