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Letter of the Week—April 16th

Mr. President,

I watched the speech you gave in Boca Raton, Florida, and I was inspired. I am a high school senior and will be of voting age for the 2012 presidential election—however, until recently, I have not been very interested in politics. Like many teenagers in high school, I have had grades, college applications, and job-related stress to focus on.

That changed for me recently, especially after hearing you speak about the Buffett Rule. I learned about Warren Buffett’s proposal from my very informative and passionate government teacher many months ago. Upon reading what Buffett had to say, I was hopeful for some sort of response from our government. Hearing you speak about this greatly pleased me.

I am, like many seniors, struggling to find a way to pay for college. I have seen many of my highly intelligent friends forced to go to schools far below their skill levels due to the extremely high cost of college. I appreciate your push to lower the cost of college.

After listening to you speak, I was inspired to call my congressman. Although I was very disappointed with his assistant’s response to my opinion, I expressed my interest in a "yes" vote on the Buffett Rule.

I am also a member of the LGBT community, and your push for foreign countries to stop human rights abuses against LGBT people around the world was a point of much excitement during our school's GSA meetings.

You have secured my vote in the upcoming election, and I wish you great luck on the rest of your campaign. Thank you so much for all of the work you have already done.

Thank you for your time,

Rachel, Arizona

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