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“Let’s Move” Prince George’s County

As Summer Organizers in Maryland, we’ve been doing some pretty cool things, and this weekend was no different. Fred B. and I attended a “Let’s Move” event on Saturday at the Bowie Senior Center. The event, which was hosted by Yvette Lewis, Chairwoman of Maryland Democratic Party, and Congressman Steny Hoyer, got moving with a simple exercise workout led by a certified personal trainer. We then got a chance to speak to a nutritionist who spoke about the USDA “Choose My Plate” and shared some insight on how portion control plays an important role in our daily calorie intake. Free health screenings were also provided at the event, which included blood pressure check-ups and getting weighed. Attendees that participated in the health screenings were able to discuss their results with certified individuals and specialists.

Let's Move

At the Obama campaign table, large numbers of attendees stopped by to discuss their views, how they could help, as well as fill out “I’m IN” pledge cards. Fred also went around the crowd, and was able to collect quite a few!

The “Let’s Move” event was a great gathering of supporters and potential volunteers. Fred and I had a great time!

If you’d like to join us at our next event, please give our office a call at 240 242 5750 or drop by at 3750 University Boulevard in Kensington!

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