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“Let's go show 'em and vote!”

President Obama and supporters in Wisconsin

Thousands of Wisconsinites braved the chilly weather to welcome President Obama to Milwaukee yesterday—and while plans between now and Election Day may have varied, just about everyone had one thing in common:

"I'm absolutely voting. I'll be there at 7 in the morning! The polling place is right across the street from my house, so there's no excuse! If people are not registered, I tell them where they can go. There are people all over town now, registering people to vote. There's no reason not to be registered—not in Milwaukee."

"I have two sons, so my plan is to make sure they get out and vote as well. One just turned 18, he goes to school, so I want to make sure that he and his friends get out to vote. And I push that at work as well. I'm all for everything Obama talked about."

"I'll be voting for sure. It's the only way to be heard, and it's the only way to make a difference."

"Oh yes, I'm voting. You don't have a voice in what happens in the future if you don't decide who's going to be running our future. It'll be a lot harder to live with Mitt Romney for the next four years than it is to register now!"

"My advice to Wisconsin? Let's go show 'em and vote!"

Wherever you live, make sure you're registered and ready to make your voice heard in this election.

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