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"Let Detroit Go Bankrupt"

“He should look around, see how important this business is to the whole state.”

“I don’t get what Romney has against the auto workers.”

“The restaurants, the small independent businesspeople … This economy would have been devastated.”

That’s just some of what people here in Metro Detroit had to say about Mitt Romney’s argument in 2008 to let the industry go bankrupt and leave entire communities in the dust. Watch to see why these fellow Michiganders support President Obama’s decision to rescue the auto industry, and then make sure to tell us what you think of Romney’s position, like Carol:

“If the President had taken Romney’s advice, I simply would have lost my job as a teacher. Laid off auto workers would have been forced to seek employment in another state with their families, and a smaller student body would mean less teachers. A bankrupt auto industry is a bankrupt Michigan.”
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