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Lilly Ledbetter talks equal pay in New Hampshire

Lilly Ledbetter was in New Hampshire earlier this week to talk with folks across the Granite State about why she's supporting Barack Obama. Lilly's story crystalizes why we need a President who understands that equal pay for equal work is a basic right for women and fundamental to our economic security.

Lilly was in the state for one day, but stopped by three Women for Obama house parties scattered across the Granite State, each one completely packed with guests.

Diane, a supporter who came out to the Concord event, said that:

"I was impressed by her story, her strength, and her will to continue her fight for all women. I left feeling empowered and realized how important it is that President Obama is reelected".

Diane is echoing a point that Lilly made at all three events — the only way to make sure we don't move backward on equal pay in the next four years is to make sure the President wins in November.

Join Lilly Ledbetter in the fight to protect equal pay. Join Women for Obama today.

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