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Launching Latinos for Obama

On Wednesday, April 18th, we’re kicking off Latinos for Obama with house parties across the country.

This election will determine the direction our country takes on a number of issues that affect Latinos—like education, immigration, and health care. That’s why it’s so important we work together to spread the word, talking with our friends and families about the President’s accomplishments and asking them to get involved in growing this campaign.

That’s exactly why we launched Latinos for Obama—I hope you can make it to a house party on Wednesday so that you’re involved from the start.

I’ll be joining you at the kickoff party through a national conference call, along with actor and comedian George Lopez and OFA National Political Director Katherine Archuleta. We’ll talk about what’s at stake in this election and how we can protect the progress we’ve made.

This volunteer-organized event and others like it being organized across the country are a perfect chance to connect with other supporters and volunteers where you live. There’s already a lot going on—and you’ll learn about all the ways to get involved in growing Latinos for Obama on the ground in the months ahead.

Come November, we’re going to be faced with a choice between two very different sets of values:

President Obama has delivered on a number of issues that Latinos care about—from doubling funding for Pell Grants, helping give an additional 150,000 Latino students access to an affordable college education, to making sure that 9 million more Latinos can gain the security of quality health insurance.

The President is working hard to create an economy built to last, where everyone who works hard and does their fair share has a shot at the American dream. There is still work to be done—like fixing our broken immigration system and passing the DREAM Act. People should have the opportunity to earn their citizenship, especially those who have served in our military, or were brought here when they were young.

Meanwhile, Mitt Romney, our presumptive opponent, is one of the most anti-immigrant nominees in recent history. He would veto the DREAM Act and has called Arizona “a model” for the country when it comes to immigration. In fact, he thinks all undocumented immigrants should “self-deport.” Throw in his plans to repeal Obamacare and gut Social Security benefits, and a Romney presidency could set progress for Latinos back decades.

That’s why you should join Latinos for Obama right now—because there’s simply too much at stake to wait.

So say you’ll help protect the progress we’ve made, and help kick off Latinos for Obama at a launch party on Wednesday.


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