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Latinos for Obama, Manchester Block Party

Today was a perfect fall day here in Manchester and it was a fantastic day to host our Latinos for Obama block party. There was a lot going on, but we managed to catch up with a couple of folks to talk to them about why they decided to come down today. What became apparent pretty quickly was just how many people we were talking to who were going to be voting for the first time this fall. They were pretty excited to get their chance to speak up.

Jonathan has pledged his vote for the President because he knows he has his back,

"He really is one of us, he had the same start to life as we have and he made something of his chances. I don't want a President who doesn't understand me, my culture, my community. He gets it and I respect that."

Rosa can't wait to cast her ballot, she told us:

"For the first time our future is in our hands, this isn't about our parents or our older siblings making decisions for us. It's me getting to voice my beliefs about what I want my future to look like and that's pretty exciting!"

We also checked in with Jonathan Brandan, who orgainzed the event today and who we met on Thursday, he wrapped it all up for us.

"Today was such a great chance for us all to get together, I love my community and I want everyone that I love to know just how important this election is, for all of us. This election is about making an informed choice, a choice to move forward and continue to build on the progress we have already made, or to go back, back to failed policies of the past. We just can't go back.”

Today was another opportunity to see just how fired up people are here in New Hampshire. They have committed their vote to the President for another four more years of progress. Commit now and let's move forward together.

Commit now

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