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Latinos for Obama Launch Parties

Last Wednesday, President Obama’s supporters from around the country gathered with neighbors and friends for the nationwide launch of Latinos for Obama. Two of those events were hosted in El Paso and Longview, where supporters gathered for a conference call with celebrated Mexican-American comedian George Lopez.

On the call, Lopez spoke about the holistic treatments that his grandmother would perform on him as a child. He grew up in a low-income household that could not afford the luxury of good healthcare services. As a sufferer of a genetic kidney disease, Lopez said that he wished that he could have been properly treated as a child.

Although Lopez joked about his grandmother’s remedies, his underlying message is unmistakable: Latinos need to rally together to re-elect President Obama. President Obama has the interests of Latinos at-heart, and he has proven that through groundbreaking legislation such as the Affordable Care Act.

Marti M., a new volunteer, hosted almost 30 guests at her West El Paso home. As a cancer survivor, Marti knows first-hand the importance of having access to good health care. "I believe that everyone deserves to have health care. It is a right, not a privilege." Before the George Lopez conference call, the group made over 660 calls to recruit new volunteers in El Paso and New Mexico.

On the opposite side of Texas, Longview supporters came together at the law offices of Jose S., a local attorney. Jose wanted to host an event in his area to show that President Obama has folks in East Texas who are ready to step up and own a piece of this movement.

From El Paso to Longview and everywhere in between, Texans are fired up and ready to go. We are IN, George Lopez is IN, are you IN?

Join the movement by participating in one of our upcoming events and by spreading our message on Facebook at 'Obama for America- TX' and on Twitter at @OFA_TX.

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