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Latinos for Obama

On August 10th, Latinos in the Los Angeles area came together to show their support for President Obama at the first California Latinos for Obama concert. The event featured local artists, poets, musicians, and elected officials. Attendees voiced their concerns over what is at stake for Latinos in this election. The music was great, the company was even better, and everyone knew they were there for the right reasons.

Since taking office, President Obama has stood firmly for the issues that matter to Latino families. From passing middle-class tax cuts, to helping create over 2.5 million new jobs, to making sure that so-called DREAMers—Americans in every way but on paper—can stay in this country. President Obama has fought for Latinos. He stands up for all Americans, and that’s why we stand with him.

Click here to join us at our next OFA concert event in California.
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